World leaders in the design and production of customized systems

A dynamic and innovative spirit has always been our identifying feature: high technological levels, continuous improvement and a strong vocation to R&D are the main characteristic of every step, from engineering to designing, to production.

We face any challenge without limits, always looking towards new goals

About Us A winning combination

SARES & MIRAMONDI partnered for added value in meeting customers' needs with transparent and innovative solutions with an eye to ethical procedures and low impact on the environment.

Processes Innovative technologies and
tailor-made solutions

Innovative processes guarantee excellent technical and technological solutions.


Expertise Technology boosters
for our customers

Thanks to their joined experience SARES & MIRAMONDI ensure maximum flexibility and efficiency.

System integrator Integrators of
cutting-edge solutions

Reliable partner for the design and production of integrated and flexible equipment.


Aware of market developments, with attention to detail and customer needs.


By your side in every corner of the world.

Customers Chosen by the best


Synergies with our partners add value and high-technology solutions.